Wednesday, July 14, 2010

okok fk i nid a place to rant
i dont wanna tell anyone but i think this is suitable place
knn i dont understand i just wanna be out whats fking wrong with that
who day reach home only get kpkb knn
she think she only suffering
i still respect her as my mom
she is and will always be
but what the fk how to make her understand -.-
i fking dno what to do now
who can understand ? she call this gimme freedom ?
ask her go hg, smllj dont like my friends say lah
wtf say studies affected smi shit
my studies now ok also she scold
i weekend spent time with her also scold
wtf she wan
ccb dont talk to me now
i buay buay buay tahan alr

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hey people!
Sorry for M.I.A-ing so long
now i wanna post about MY BIRTHDAY-8Jan
Aug had a chalet at costa sands,pasir ris
Here Is Some Highlights Of What Happen:
1st-Now im officially 15!
2nd-Thanks For Those That Wished Me Happy Bday(on time):D
3rd-Total there was 59+1(belated) wishes !
4th-Augustine chalet aKa My Bday
5th-Got 6 Rounds Of Bday Bashes X.x
6th-Got pushed down into the pool
7th-one pack of sweet finish in 3hrs
8th-Gambled and drink, and somethings which i shouldnt do ):
9th-Drank 1 bottle brezzer & 1 bottle henekien & 1 bottle hoegarden
10th-played mahjong :D won $8.50
11th-4am cab to ben house & tonned there
13th-Claraaa (:

shall upload some photos first!

One day before chalet, we decided to pon sch tgt
then on the day itself, i overslept
woke up at 12:30, went to siglap meet dora
then she come my house, smoke one stick then she watch me dota
sorry mummy )':
used SF-shadow fiend xD half way they came
poh rongwei ern and bene
they slack at my house until 2plus, we went to elias eat
after eat, we went to rongwei house, wait for him bathe and get ready
then billy and sheng wei and rx and zining came
we split into groups,one go bene house wait for him bathe
me dora and poh and rongwei go chalet first
meet aug and marc at NTUC
buy things alr went over to the chalet and help unload
then poh and dora went upstairs
i folo aug go rent table and bbq pit
after that ben that group came
the two couples took the two bed
so bobian we have to go downstairs
played blackjack. lost $2, played Big 2 win all back ;D
hahahaha then abit later 2 btss zhaobor and rickson came
then brendan and hanwei and nat and more more more :D
then slowly at night le
kena pulled upstairs and bashed LOL !
6 rounds and not fair AUG ONLY TIO ONE
then peimin and viven came followed by ahben and shirley
then later huixiang and his .... came :D
then followed by GI pple
9 plus kena called by aug to "help" him
end up kena pushed down the pool LMAO
then wet no clothes change T.T
dry myself, went to dte w brendan hanwei,huixiang,poh,rx,ahben and shirley and PM
vivien went off to meet her mom eat subway
so we ate too :D As per normal i ate teriyaki chicken
then we went back to chalet
then aug gather everyone and tar ! lucky i took hoegarden
first group to finish was huixiang aug beng hanwei and me i think
then after that went to slack slack smoke smoke
then after most of pple leave , we started mahjong
Aug Me RongWei And Huixiang
then after mahjong,
keith aug me huixiang and ern go up disturb all the pple slping
LOL all kena woke up, then after awhile we went down
then slowly got bored then the pr pple went home
went to ben house, chatted abit then slp till next day 4pm
then went home, slp again :D

Now All Those That Wished Me, TYVM :D
1)Sherrin POK ! 12AM :D
18)Mr Tan
45)gerald koh
46)Gerald lee
54)nicole lai
55)daniel lok
57)mushroom :D
59)AGlin ♥ At 23:59 8jan
61)Lynette (another belated) LOL
Thanks you all
sent by smses, msn or face to face
and some wishes was really sweet :D
by terrecia avril and afew more :D
this was one of da best bday ever :D
bye peoples !

♥BabyOng (:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Booxcz !
hello peeps
back to post (:

First I wanna wish xiaospade





Today Went to watch '2012'
Its a freaking long but nicee movie (:
And whats worst was we got the front roll sit
until all neck pain >.<
Woke up at 3, maple till 5 meet the rest go west plaza
then i go home change then all go tamp
went to brendan house wait for him
then agen came, we went to tamp
tamp mall 7:35, 8:25, 9:15 all left front roll sit
cb, then we take the first roll
went in, msg zining and lynette the whole time,
altough the show was interesting :D
some parts were tensed and some parts were touching (:
the cinema was packed !
ohkay, after the movie 10plus, we went to eat prata
haha, then went to brendan hse downstairs the playground
then around 1plus, the very nice
ahpoh help us get a free cab home (:
hahahahaha! then i met sheng wei awhile then went home, maple until now
(: now going dota (:
will post again ! BYE BYE !

P.S- im fucking going shopping tmr ! Wont miss TOPSHOP :D

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello people~~~~~
back to post ;D
First- i wanna curse and swear at the person who stole my wallet! Roarrrrrrrrr!
P.S- to the person who steal my wallet "FUCK YOU" :D

Secondly- i wanna thanks Teckern for pei-ing me soooooo long ytd :D
thirdly- i wanna tell zining you btter feature me in your blog !
lastly- to rongwei- You better help me shop in mlys ! anything nice sms me! :D

lets start with yesterday!
it was freaking funny can?! :D
the previous night on the phone with
slept at 6am.. before i sleep i set the alarm 9am
then i went to sleep, 9plus i got call from billy
he say shengwei pangseh us go bedok alr
and poh just wake up blah blah...
so i went to bathe.. 3hr of sleep only leh!!
i bathe come out , sat infront of my cupboard
while thinking what to wear, I FELL ASLEEP !
LOL! dont laugh ! dont say i pig k?!
i haven been sleeping well Xx
ok then i woke up after awhile 10:40
die die die ! LATE !
then i call billy , lucky they still in pasir ris
then i went to take 58 first
then later ahpoh billy and teck ern board the bus
then change bus 60, reached bus-stop
brendan, lynette and hanwei was there (:
we went mac to find the rest
they go smoke, me and brendan chiong into mac ;D
we got a ice-latte and small fries from the molopoly instant win thinggy!
haha me and brendan chiong finish the fries ;D then slowly finish our latte
then all come in (: we slacked at mac, our corner was the noisest !
confirm! hahahaha i tell u who sit w who
table 1, me ern hanwei and brendan, table 2 nat peimin and vivien and shengwei
table 3, rongwei poh and billy and agen and and and LYNETTE :D:D:D
hanwei sibei joker, made everyone laugh like crazy by playing chopstick ^^
later we went back to btss , then cab down to agen house :D
split into 3 cab, me rongwei poh and hanwei
reached agen house, everyone relax, the girls sat around the table
doing nothing, ahpoh and billy help agen fixed comp
at last fixed ok alr but no internet LOL
then almost the rest of us watching agen brother play ps3
very quite until felicia and drea come (:
then some of us when out and smoke
then i rmb there was a conversation like this
Felica shouted to brendan:i wan my carrot cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then agen come out ;D
agen:eh diam lah, u very noisy leh
felicia:i wan my carrot cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
agen:walao, no wonder u ahpoh sister
felicia: very loud meh?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
agen:the whole block can hear lah! no wait, i think jurong also can hear
hahahahaha we all laughing like fuck
then felicia and drea come in and lock hanwei outside
then i thought everyone inside
then we suddenly here shengwei voice
then drea say: must only be hanwei outside let shengwei come in
and felica : huh?! Wei sheng?!?! haha sibei retarded
then hanwei and shengwei plan alr, hanwei hide then they push
hahaha, then later felicia eat the carrot cake complain too hot
LOL just now they ask brendan must add hotter
then the 2 girls sat at the table, hanwei hiding in the room, then come out gl them
haha then when they wan chase hanwei that time he hide in the room
The rest all at sofa watching show
then later some when down playground play catching (:
then some play carom some watch show
me ahpoh,shengwei,peimin,rongwei,ern,vivien and billy and and and LYNETTE went down to the playground (:
walao the boy sibei gl xD
after sweating for like 1hr plus, shengwei gtg
then we went up to wash up and go home
as agen parent coming home
and before i left, i compare with lynette skin colour
the girls went back
the rest of us went to tampines buy shoe with rongwei
reach tamp, hanwei and brendan went home
me and ERNERN^^
send brendan home, we used the toilet awhile then take lift down
when we reached first floor, we saw 3 mata, one almost screen us
but screen then screen lorh we also NVR SMOKE :D
then went tamp mall meet ahpoh rongwei and billy,
so happy luh! Even tough i only shop for awhile :D
then we took a train, then at whitesands
me and ernern go eat, the rest go home (:
then suddenly at mrt there someone call me name!
i turn around my favourite MEIMEI (:
LIMZINING ! (: (: (:
korkor miss you man! then zining pei me go subway (: ern go buy mac
walao tereyaki meal $9.10 TMD !
then i turn around i take the plastic bag, TMDA ! the plastic got hole!
ah sua i use hand, then MEIMEI go pei her friend buy shoe
another rongwei hahaha! me and ernern eat finish alr then zining and her friend meet us again
we went to hdb near whitesand slack, walan i dno why i suddenly so high ^^V
we slack until 10plus then me and ernern follow zining wait bus :D ok here TMDA ! another retarded thing happen
we wait for the bus from 10:15 to 11.10 then zining mom call and say last bus 10pm

TMDTTM then bobian we walked her to near her house
then me and ernern take 89 i went rongxing house, ernern go home :D
thanks TECKERN ! for pei me so long (: very good brother and father :P
hahahahaha! if u get what i mean ;D
then i reached rongxing house, benedict ahpoh billy was there
we went down soon to meet shengwei, then we buy pencil
then go my blk downstairs slack
then around 1:10 we all went home dota ;D

woke up at 1pm, shengwei and rongwei come my house, slp awhile then we go elias eat
eat le all go shengwei hse slack 3 of us and time pass fucking fast, so fast 5pm le
shengwei nid go work, rongwei nid go home prepare go malaysia!
so i went home use comp until now lorh
going meet shengwei ahpoh and billy soooooon :D
will blog again :D and if u all wan photos ! i will put later tonight !
stay tune :D:D:D:D:D:D

P.S LZN ! You btr feature me in your blog !
shall end here ! BYE~

Monday, November 16, 2009

hey all ! (:
first i wanna wish Brendan


It started last Friday (:

Rongxing house
Ahpoh house
East coast pool centre (:

k let's begin!
woke up at 4pm LOL
whats the first thing u do when u wake up ?! (:
brush teeth or wash face ?
nah! check handphone :D
heh heh, got spamm-ed babeh
34 miss call NEW RECORD!
then went to shengwei house, only yusoon there
rongwei and rongxing go home take money
slack at shengwei house till 5plus
they went to my house slack until Brendan call
took 358 down to EHub
so at this time everyone was there
went in, took the $28 package
k-dinner (: and free flow drinks ! 6pm to 10pm
Hhahah The cashier damn funny !
cause brendan wants a big room
so the cashier say, "i'll give you'll a room next to the smoking area!
hahahahahaha sibei joker

went into the room
Damn BIG!
We sat down, everyone went to order food
mostly unagi and tereyaki :D
rice salad prawn and chicken and a watermelon :D
thats all that makes the set (:
no one dares to sing first
so the birthday boy started the ball rolling :D
we took some photos, its below :D
read finish first :D
alot of things happen! FUNNY
Lucky no have the song 'one time' by justin bieber
if not we wont even get the chance to sing !
hahahahahahaha kidding...
time flies when we are having fun
so very soon at 10pm
the waiter coming in and collect bill
total $250++
brendan got a free speaker
yeah ! after the waiter left ...
the clumsy billy broke a glass !
then we went to tell the waiter
he said no nid pay ;D
hehe we got away w that uh
everyone shouted at billy
hahahah but joking one lahhs
after we went out
took a bus to rongxing house
walked there,everyone settled down
party inside the masterbed room
hehe 3 bottle of carlsberg
bought by agen, reached his house
everyone self service hahaha!
around 1am, billy went home
then we went down to fetch teckern
then later shengwei, then soon
around 3am, agen and rongxing slept
the rest at the other room talk talk talk
haha got one time, after smoking we run in
we ask shengwei close the door then we lock the room door
lol, he retarted just walk in again !
Guess what ? got key outside -,-
LMFAO.. then around 4am ++ we off the lights and tell ghost stories !
hahaha, then brendan stand up and on the lights, he say"arbo talk till morning"
we all ok, then we started to cam-whore hahaha!
until the sun come out, everyone wake up and go home
me ahpoh and rongxing went over and slept till 5plus in the afternoon

I went to ahpoh hse, he blog about the thing
i watch lorh.. cook noodles at his house ^^
hahahaha then soon night le, rongxing come find us
then agen call me, ask me wan go play pool
then rongwei going so he come find us first
ahpoh ask his father ferry us there :D
didnt know his father so good LOL!
reached there 11:06 i rmb! then brendan cousin there also
we went upstairs macs, alot of pple
played pool until 2am plus, then went to take cab
very lucky to find a taxi that charge us $10 from ECP to elias
the total was like $16++ w midnight surcharge! but we only paid $10
we went to 7-11, me ahpoh rongxing and rongwei
billy came find us, we kapo things 2 round (: w smart moves ;D
shengwei come find us around 3plus
slack at koufu until 4, we send shengwei home!
then end up slacking donwstairs my house, ohya !
forget to mention.. S.M > Poh Zhong Xian was there !
we started talking about ghost stuff, red house and stuff! LOL
then shengwei ask us to send him up the life !
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! then we all went to rongwei house watch ju-on 2
until 6plus, the show wasnt scary and the story line SUCKS !
then ahpoh went to play comp, me rongxing and zhongxian went to slp awhile
woke up at 9plus, all go home sleep

woke up at 6pm, used comp, go elias w rongwei billy and ahpoh
come back around 11plus,slept tillllll~

woke up at 9am, went to shengwei house
rongwei billy and ahpoh there
slack till 3plus
teckern and benedict come
then slack until 5 plus all go home dota
bathe , eat , until now then got time to post
going out soon meet them !
WOAH ! very long post ! tired liao
enjoy the photos! ^^
bye loves <3

Me and RongWei :d

Nothing To comment :D

Cute AhPoh ;D

Chekc out my 8-packs ^^V

Aizai brothers !

Fuck You (:

Wanna drink? :D

Ern And brendan

Me and Birthday Boy ;D

Say no to drugs!

Brendan TYJ

Thursday, November 12, 2009

lazy blog !
on the phone with poh, shengwei and poh
bye bye :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hey hey hey ! ice blast is fantastic :D
today woke up at 1pm
then went straight to rongxing hse
went there ahpoh slping
LOL then rongxing playing w xiaobinbin
cant imagine bodoh
see before techies own viper ?
heh heh
then awhile later shengwei come
then from no where ahpoh start talking in his dream
me and rongxing started laughing
sibei fnny bodoh went ahpoh slping
then we slack in rx hse till 6
i went home eat dinner
until 9plus
went ahpoh hse
cb he playing dota and talking to dora
then i slp
then went to meet rw at elias then he eat mac
then we go home :D
now upload some photos :D
i try to get the one ahpoh slping
sibei cute

p.s: shit my laptop bluetooth got prob :(
post the photo tmr (:
k nitez pple

I got sooooooooooooo many thing to blog about :D
hey pple how do you like my new blogskin ?!
credits to lynette (: thank you !
and im so gonna improved to it xD
well im gonna start w last thursday
Met at shengwei house slack
w Ahpoh|shengwei|rongwei|teckern|Yusoon|jiawei
later shengwei go work yusoon and jiawei go home
the rest of us follow rongwei go back bedok town :D
took 58 from elias then change 86
walan in the bus everybody diam
sibei boring la >,<
reach the sch, rongwei walk in like 3mins then walk out le
fast right ?! hahahahahaha
then we all took 17 to tamp
go take my samsung soul as it was ready for collection :D
haha then i lend ahpoh my express music :D
see i good right? for those pple that think that ahpoh
sibei easy to contact now, must thank me :P
ok enuf of the bhb part
then they all went home to dota
i went to kovan to meet shengwei
pei him work... i sibei good right?!
i know i know :D hahahahaha
haha then after he work finish
we go buy pencil :D then go west plaza eat and meet ahpoh and gang again
thats all on thursday

wake up at 11 on friday :D
went to west plaza met dora sheng wei annd rongxing
then poh come meet us :D
then shengwei go eat then go work
me rong xing dora and poh walk to my hse
on the way see ricky, dominic and ulrica
talk abit then the go my hse slp and slack
4plus rongwei come
then ern and benedict come
we all go tamp meet brendan
then go bedok buy clothes :DDDD
i buy one purple long sleve top and one black shorts :D
$30 then go eat KFC
then we all go rongxing house
watch tv in his room like arnd 11plus
then xiaoahboy call ben
at first all going era le
all go until downstairs
then at last nvr go
then all bo go era hahahaaha!
then we all go west plaza eat :D
slack until 2plus again
then we go rx hse again
took turns to bathe ;D
some go slp
me bene and rw watch till morning
ern half way
7am rw go home
me and bene go eat
the rest still sleeping
bene and me go eat mac then go home
i reach home 7plus
go slp
woke up at 9pm LOL !
14hrs of slp
wasted like the whole day sia
then now catching up w my favourite sister :D
Also known as Terrecia Ho :D
and i got to know a new brother called POH yong ming :D
and a long buddy MARTIN ho sheng wei
know him for the longest time :D
10 years sioh
im gonna post again tmr ! bye pple !
love ya ;D
thanks to lynette for the blogskin again ^^V
Fk you ahpoh xD

My best sister ;D she's cute xD
terrecia luo xin ying :D

If anyone is wondering who this chiobu is?
She's my mummy <3

Bene playing w fire :D

shengwei AHPOH ! and me :D

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby i got to force myself to leave u for awhile
Goodluck for your paper :D
you have been attitude-ing me this few days
i dont blame you , just hope you still love me
see you on the 16th <3

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey Hey Hey !
yeah i feel much better today :D
but still abit here and there

woke up at 640 X.x
chiong down and went to sch
sch was normal except retards playing with
my stuff ,
i went to sch with my psp , ipod and phone FULLY charge
then now only left psp got batt ==
first half of the day were at the auditorium :D
then after recess chinese , slept thru :P
then follow by 4 periods of english !
and guess what ?! mr maran left after giving us our CA papers !
and of course everyone took out stuff to play
me and prince was PES-ing the whole time :D
then bernie all also got play ah
dalson and gang was playing bingo JOKERS
until 2:50 the track boys went off for training :D
today training is a killer xX
shouldnt exaggerate but its true
tokyo 5 faster come !!
my litening is tearinggggggggggg

well , from now onwards
me , Kee Jia Liang pronouce that
i shall concentrade fully on studies and track
now track is my hangout
spikes are my girlfriend ;)
and coach is my guardian
i most likely wont be getting into a
relationship until i stop running
biggest problem is i haven got over her
6 months and counting
you must be thinking , what a loser uh
hah i dont care
from noww to O's and A's no playing or what so ever
i heck everything else
sub 54 by next year
i can do it :D
Track is my life and passion xD
And im loving it !
i WILL post again :D
bye peeps !

PS:this crush aint going away Xx
Crush - david archuleta

Music Playlist at


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